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SALES Advantage Experience

The “SALES” Advantage Experience is a learning program for middle- and high-school students participating in the Big Brothers Big Sisters of the Brazos Valley mentoring initiative. Held over seven Sundays in the fall semester, the “SALES” Experience is designed to help “Start A Lifetime Experiencing Success.”   


Students will learn how mastering the skills required in sales, personal branding, goal setting, financial literacy, business etiquette and networking can improve their lives now and set them on a course to a promising future. Students will work in small groups to grow and develop these skills, competing for a $500 dollar prize! 


“This program is both meaningful and fun,” said Jakayla, the winner of last year’s program. “Even though I’m still in high school, what I’ve learned here will give me an edge as I make my way toward eventually starting my own career.” 


To sign up for the “SALES” Advantage Experience, hosted by the Texas A&M Sales Leadership Institute Sales Club as a program for Big Brothers Big Sisters of the Brazos Valley, simply click on the link.

Congratulations to the 2022 winners!

1st Place: Matthew

2nd Place: Nicholas

3rd Place: Jakayla