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Lauren and Faith

Adventures big and small, Lauren and Faith love trying new things and learning together.

Cristopher and Maurion

With the new High School Big Program, these two are on their way to being fast friends.

Mya and Jada

Bonding over a shared interest in medicine, sports, and crafts, Mya and Jada have formed a lasting friendship.

Lisa and Tyra

This crafty duo loves hanging out together and have become better versions of themselves.

Lam and Jakayla

Read about how Jakayla's Big Sister, Lam, was by her side the entire Little in Sales competition.

Amelia and Jaidon

 Flexibility, consistency, and acceptance have allowed this match to flourish for 2.5 years. 

Evan and Gabe

Learn more about how Big Brother Evan and Little Brother Gabe first met by reading their story below. 

Jason and Da'Braylin

Through wanting to make an impact on his community, Jason began mentoring Da'Braylin. 

Eric and Travis

Read about Eric's big day and how he included Travis in a special way.

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