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Amelia and Jaidon

Little Brother Jaidon was curious how many days he and Big Sister Amelia had been matched, so Amelia did some math and if you were wondering it’s approximately 900, or about two and a half years. During this time Amelia has seen Jaidon become more confident in himself while enthusiastically opening up about what is going on in his life through providing a safe and compassionate space to share. 


“At first Jaidon was very reserved during our hangouts, but once we began to build trust and spend more time together I saw him become one of the most curious and inquisitive people I know,” shared Amelia. 


Leaning into his passion to learn how things work, this Big and Little enjoy doing hands-on activities such as gardening, baking, playing with snap circuits, and building with Legos. Another shared interest is that of trying new things and putting a spin on the classics.


“One of our early hangouts was going through a carwash, Jaidon’s first time doing so. It was like we were on a Disney ride and such a fun experience to be able to see through a child’s eyes. We have gone back a few times since and it is still just as fun! We turn up the music and put on our sunglasses to ‘ride’ the roller coaster,” Amelia described. 


Amelia explained letting go of expectation and allowing more flexibility into how mentoring relationships develop into their own shape. "It can be challenging," she recalled, "but being generous in time and cultivating an environment of effective communication and consistency is the key." She believes these elements construct the foundation in a mentee that they carry and build upon into adulthood. 


“I have found over the years that mentorship may not appear outwardly life altering, but just the act of showing up and being a steady figure in a mentee’s life is more meaningful than you may know,” said Amelia. 


Finding joy in everything, keeping an open-mind, and fostering acceptance are essential to the success of Amelia and Jaidon’s match. These two continue to adapt and flow with the changes they face, and are happy to do so. They look forward to hitting 1000 days soon! 

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