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Lam and Jakayla

Hosted by the Texas A&M Sales Club, Littles in Sales is a four-week program that teaches young leaders in the Brazos Valley the importance of sales, marketing, goal-setting, financial planning, and confidence building. At the end of this program there is a competition for participants to put their learned skills to use to win the grand prize. This year’s winner was Little Sister Jakayla.


Big Sister Lam “felt so proud of Jakayla” for her win in the competition. “She came in open minded, ready to put herself out there, and be uncomfortable in order to grow from this program,” described Lam. 


During the competition, Lam was Jakayla’s biggest supporter. “I picked her up for every session and encouraged her to share what she told me with the group,” shared Lam. “I made sure that we sat in the front row to keep focused and participated in all of the activities to let Jakayla know she was not alone in this competition.”


With Jakayla learning new things through her experiences, Lam believes Jakayla has a lot to teach and share with the world. Lam says Jakayla “will tell you right off the bat that it is not right to judge someone by how they dress, how they speak, or how they look/the skin that they are born into. The rest of the world can learn to undo their biases.” This wisdom is rooted in Jakayla’s level-headedness and confidence in her own uniqueness that Lam believes is rare and special in someone so young. 


Lam has been personally impacted by this wisdom. “Through her actions, Jakayla has reminded me that people will judge, people will talk, and people will always think that I should be doing X instead of Y, but as long as I remember my WHY then the people who truly love me and care for me will support and lift me up in times of need,” Lam said.


Together, Lam and Jakayla learn from each other and grow. They try new things, share hobbies, and encourage one another. In Lam’s words Jakayla is “fierce, resilient, and does not quit.” They push each other to be the best versions of themselves. 

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