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Lauren and Faith

Over the course of 2 and a half years, Big Sister Lauren has seen her Little Sister Faith grow in many ways, but one of the most noticeable was in her self-awareness and empathy for those around her. 


“We recently started doing something that we call cookies and cards. We think of friends and family who we can help to brighten their day, make them cards, bake cookies, and deliver them,” described Lauren. “Faith is a light and always looking for a solution to a problem that will benefit everyone involved.” 


Faith is also an adventurer, someone who is willing to try everything at least once. Her and Lauren enjoy visiting new places, trying new foods, and making new memories. One of their highlights was visiting Lauren’s hometown.


“She got to see and experience the things I did growing up. Her laugh and smile while holding chickens with my cousins were too funny and watching her eyes get huge while riding in the fire truck was so cute. Seeing Faith experience the ‘country’ life is something I will never forget.”


Faith agreed, “My favorite memory with Lauren is when we went to her parent’s home. We got to pick berries, hold chickens, go fishing, see cows, went on the Mule, saw a snake, and saw Lauren’s parents. It was so fun!”


Even with big adventures, Lauren says she still loves how her and Faith “can do something small but still have so much fun.” They enjoy going to the park, fishing, and going to Bible study with Lauren learning from Faith to “appreciate the little things in life.”


Big Brothers Big Sisters of the Brazos Valley works to create more friendships like Lauren and Faith’s, a Big and Little match that allows each person to learn from the other and be better for it.


When asked why they think Big Brothers Big Sisters is important, they both were eager to answer. Lauren stated that Big Brothers Big Sisters is important because of the “opportunity to build relationships that will promote growth and provide Littles with chances that may not be possible without this organization.”  Faith added that “it is important because kids get to spend time with Big Brothers or Big Sisters they may not have at home.”

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