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16 Ways to Stay in Touch Via Phones & Social Media

Updated: Apr 3, 2020

Technology is a great way to stay in touch with your Littles during this time of social distancing. Below are some ideas to stay in touch via phone/social media while bringing content to your interaction.

Check out this resource or this resource for conversation-starters for kids and this resource or this resource to get chatting with teenagers!

Here are several ways you can get creative and stay connected with your Littles online:

  1. Visit a museum together! Google Arts & Culture teamed up with over 2500 museums and galleries  for virtual tours. The Louvre in Paris also offers virtual tours as do local galleries, like DeGallery

  2. Explore famous historic and cultural heritage sites via Google Arts & Culture

  3. Email one another

  4. Read a book together and discuss it

  5. Watch the same movie or show and talk about your favorite parts

  6. Develop a skill or hobby together! Experts have online content that can teach you and your Little how to draw, practice ballet, become a scientistexplore the worldbecome a great cooklearn another languagebecome a yogi, or learn how to dance

  7. Discuss the positive parts of the day and what you each are thankful for

  8. Create a list of future outing ideas that you can look forward to

  9. Have a Movie night! Watch the same movie and discuss it during or after. Be sure to get movie approved by a parent/guardian. There are educational movies on Kanopy or Hoopla that are free with a library card! Here are some great discussion questions (swap the word 'book' for 'movie').

  10. Watch a virtual concert together!  There many artists hosting virtual and free concerts for their fans! 

  11. Start a cooperative journal by using a platform like Story Bird or Google Docs to document the day-to-day. 

  12. Have a virtual book club!  Read to your Little via FaceTime, WhatsApp Skype, or Zoom, or plan to read the same book and discuss with each other.  Here are some great book ideas to get started and conversation-starting tips.

  13. Have a library card? Libby is a great resource for accessing downloadable free e-books!

  14. Visit a zoo (or two) together! 

  15. Purchase duplicate Lego sets or jigsaw puzzles and send one to your Little.  Share progress with photos via text message and see completes their project first!

  16. Schedule game time! Apps like Words with FriendsDraw SomethingChess (click here for web version), Checkers, or Bowling can help you engage and have fun with your Little

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