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5 Podcasts Your Little Will Enjoy

Looking to entertain your Little without TV shows or computer games? Podcasts can be a great way to tune into something together and not only be entertained but also educated!

This podcast is hosted by Molly Bloom and features a different child each week, as they investigate questions like “Do plants have feelings?” or “Why is social distancing so important?” The podcast also features segments like “Guess the Mystery Sound” and is overall a fun learning tool!

This Australian podcast teaches children about ethics and encourages them to ponder privilege and its absence by discussing questions like Why are some babies born into loving, supportive families while others are not? “Short & Curly” makes philosophy accessible to children. Throughout the podcast, listeners are encouraged to “hit pause” at key moments, which is the perfect way to discuss with your Little. 

Each episode of this podcast features short dramas that tell history stories children are unlikely to learn in school, often emphasizing overlooked accomplishments of women and people of color. There are episodes on the escaped slave-turned-pioneer politician Robert Smalls, the “Frankenstein” author Mary Shelley, and Bessie Coleman, the first African-American woman to earn a pilot’s license. The show even has a “Quiz Time” segment that encourages listeners to recall what they’ve learned from past episodes.

This podcast is perfect for Littles who love mystery. This show is an entertaining adventure series following a young radio reporter as she uses investigative skills to expose wrongdoing. Aside from entertaining your Little with plot twists and thrilling mysteries, this podcast will instill in them an appreciation for journalism and its role in holding villains accountable.

This podcast is perfect for young readers. The episodes feature three middle schoolers talking about their favorite book, followed by an excerpt read out loud by a celebrity guest. The show also includes appearances from authors, allowing children to learn about the writing process. 

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