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Staying Connected with Littles who Don't Have Phone/Internet Access


  • Still a thing! Write letters to your Little and become pen pals. Some Bigs enclose a return envelope with a stamp.

  • You can send postcards, a homemade card, pass along print-at-home games (like these puzzles or these coloring pages)

  • Or send them a homemade craft (like these bracelets, or one of these quick/easy kids crafts

  • Bigs can draw a picture and send it to the Little to color and send back

  • Bigs can write a simple paragraph starting a story and send it to the Little to continue the story with another paragraph and send it back to the Big to keep going

  • Bigs can make a few flash cards with funny questions on one side for the Little and mail it to the Little who answers the question on the back of the cards and mails it back

  • Pick a TV show or movie to watch independently and write each other’s top five favorite parts and mail it to each other to compare. (This can also be educational as it involves reading, writing and spelling.)

  • Mail your Little a homemade crossword puzzle with clues and answers based on outings you’ve had as a match and provide the parent with the answers in case help is needed.

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